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Boutique Financial Services firms are using 'agile work practices' to secure the best talent.

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Many organisations are combining a variety of working arrangements to attract the best talent away from the larger enterprise, particularly in a hyper competitive market place.

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More popular working arrangements include:

1. Flexible Working Contract

The constricted 9 to 5 office working model feels outdated and the standard 37.5-hour week is no longer the norm. Companies are considering all manners of working hours; full time, part-time, independent contractors, daily rate contractors, fixed term contracts to ensure they are getting the best people to join their company.

2. Remote Working & Desk Sharing

A large percentage of our workforce spend more than an hour commuting to work each day. Flexible or remote working means employees don’t spend unnecessary time and expenditure on unnecessary travel. Technology now allows people to work from anywhere at a time that suits them. Having a flexible working arrangement can be a win-win situation for both companies and employees.

Companies have discovered that having employees sharing desks save them costs in terms of office space needed, while employees are more productive and happier as they gain more autonomy and a better life/work balance.

Agile Work Practices will be deemed common place by 2023.

Many boutique Financial Services firms have already implemented agile working practices to enable all staff to work wherever and whenever they want, with the help of the latest technologies.

Offering flexible working arrangements increases employee engagement.

A culture that enhances and encourages employee empowerment where employees get to take ownership of their roles and drive productivity is incredibly powerful. Empowered employees are more productive and this is fundamental to any business.

Companies that build everyday flexibility into their employees lives will attract and retain the best talent.

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