• Jennifer Cahill

Fitness & Probity and CBI expectations; would your firm pass the x30 second litmus test?

Fitness & Probity appears to be higher up the CBI's agenda these days, and maybe for good reason;

  1. SEAR is on the horizon

  2. On two different occasions recently, the CBI caught individuals lying on their F&P Questionnaire

  3. CBI's sense that regulated firms do not appear to be taking their F&P responsibilities seriously as evidenced by their published comments on the subject

Increased #FitnessProbity scrutiny until the tide changes.

  1. As of the publishing of this post, the CBI has stated that 80 PCF applicants have withdrawn from the process when challenged by the CBI (in most instances, when called back for a second interview).

  2. The number of #FitnessProbity interviews has been on the rise, including interviews for those considered to have a stellar record.

  3. Fitness & Probity Compliance Audits being carried out within international banks following the Dear CEO letter.

  4. CBI requiring supporting documentation to support nomination of chosen candidate, including interview notes.

Would your firm pass the 30 second Litmus Test on Fitness and Probity Compliance?

If you would, then that would mean your firm could answer a big fat yes, to all of the following:

1. You have copies of all the CVs from shortlisted candidates on file that clearly demonstrates evidence as to:

>> why the individual was shortlisted; skills, qualities, experience, background

>> the size of the talent pool you used to identify the right person

>> the degree of diversity represented across your talent pool of shortlisted and hired applicants

2. You have copies of all interview notes from recent hires and shortlisted applicants that further support your rationale for selecting the individual you hired.

3. You can clearly demonstrate the exact steps you took to independently check the quality of your hire.

If you can't say yes to one or more, then you already know what you need to do next to ensure your firm would get a thumbs up on your Fitness & Probity compliance procedures.

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