90-min, Free Workshop for Regulated Firms

A Complimentary x5 part

#FRICtalent Strategy

inside 90-minutes.

We will use this time to resolve your:

1. Best possible outcome

2. Ideal starting point

3. Clear timeframes

4. the total investment

5. Regulatory rigour pre appointment

and finally, reaffirm how this x5 part #FRICtalent strategy aligns with your specific regulatory requirements.

We would describe this session as: 

1. Highly informative

2. A framework for knowing all your options

3. A plan that you can take away and implement the next day. 

4. Where to get answers, ideas and workarounds in real time for your specific situation.

More than what we expected. Clear, concise and most important we got what we needed. A partner committed to seeing us through to the ideal outcome.  

Country Lead

Irish Authorised ManCo

The expertise was evident from the word GO. They intimately knew the regulations, the industry, the talent pool and gave us 2 powerful ways to attract the talent away from the large enterprise.

Head of Risk

Irish Authorised Investment Firm


Free #FRICtalent Workshop 
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