Fitness & Probity is higher up the Central Bank of Ireland's agenda these days and of course, SEAR is on the 2020 horizon. With increased scrutiny comes the need for increased rigour to better prepare for F&P interviews. 

We approached Aquest Advisory's Daniel Lawlor to collaborate on what a Fitness & Probity preparation programme could look like as part of our recruitment process when placing individuals within senior roles across Finance, Risk, Internal Audit and Compliance positions. 

How it works from the Individual's perspective: 


When a client engages Savvi Recruitment Consultants on a retained basis for a senior hire, the final two shortlisted candidates will undergo a preparatory F&P interview with an ex-regulator.

This interview will focus solely on fitness and probity considerations for the relevant role.

Feedback from the F&P interview will further ensure both the individual applying for the role and the firm seeking to recruit the individual are a perfect match.  

Given the increased likelihood that a nominated candidate for a PCF position will be called for an interview by the CBI, the preparatory interview will act as a mock interview for the nominated candidate and better prepare them for the CBI interview.​

​How it works from the firm's perspective: 


By engaging Savvi Recruitment Consultant’s on a retained search basis, we will offer preparatory F&P interviews for the final two shortlisted candidates as part of our service.  The interviews will be carried out by an ex-CBI regulator.


This service will give you a regulator’s perspective on your final two shortlisted candidates.  This will be an impartial interview with the ex-Regulator focusing solely on fitness and probity considerations.


The ex-regulator will provide interview feedback directly to the client.


If your nominated candidate is called for an interview with the CBI as part of the PCF approval process, the F&P preparatory interview will ensure they are adequately prepared for this stage and give them more assurance.