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As Co-founder of Savvi Recruitment Consultants, I lead our Executive Search division.


Co-founder of Savvi Recruitment Consultants who leads our Finance and Internal Audit division.  Qualified QFA with 15 years’ banking experience.


Leads our Compliance and Risk division.  BSc in Psychology from UCD with experience recruiting executives across Europe.


Breaking News - CP86

As soon as CP86 came into effect in July 2018, the Central Bank of Ireland was clear that CP86 inspections were forthcoming.  


The regulator’s CP86 review process kicked-off in June 2019 with an industry-wide questionnaire followed by a letter to a sample of fund mancos and SMICS. 


The letter instructed them to file a range of CP86-related documents within 3 weeks. Those documents will form the basis of the next step - a desk-based review by the regulator. 


With substance being a particular area of interest for the regulator, many ManCos and SMICs authorised in 2017 or earlier, could find themselves being directed to increase their resources to a level commensurate with newly authorised ManCos.  


Should the Central Bank give the fund industry a directive related to substance post on-site inspections, securing #FRICtalent at the same time as nearly 400 other Irish Authorised firms could prove challenging at best, and at worst, this exercise could become deeply stressful and expensive. 

Our Approach

Doing this right the first time, so you land the best possible talent for your firm is the only thing that matters. 

You're invited to book a complimentary Breakfast Briefing with us at your office to resolve your own x5 Part #FRICtalent Strategy.


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